Shredding FAQs

Shredding QuestionsWhy should I shred?

You should shred any material with identifying information. Identity theft is on the rise! Laws such as FACTA and HIPAA require document destruction. Click here for more information on government regulations.

Why use a shredding service rather than purchasing a shredder?

Our shredding service will save you time and money. Typical shredders purchased at office supply stores are not equipped to handle large volumes of paper and don’t have longevity. Placing paper sheet by sheet into the shredder is time consuming and the shredders burn out and need to be replaced.

What should I shred?

All paper documentation or electronic storage containing confidential, identifying or proprietary information should be properly destroyed. We recommend destroying: customer files, medical records, marketing strategies, financial statements, classified documents, personnel and payroll records, tax records, government documents, blue prints, and more. If in doubt, shred it.

Can you destroy electronic media?

Yes. We shred tapes, CDs, DVDs, microfilm, floppy disks, cassettes, VHS tapes and hard drives.

How do you ensure security?

We provide a secure chain of custody for your documents from collection to shredding to recycling.

Are your employees background checked and drug screened?

Yes. Every employee must pass a thorough background check and a pre-employment drug screening prior to employment. Additionally, all employees are enrolled in our drug free work place program.

Can I watch my documents being shredded?

Absolutely! We encourage it. On the side of our truck, there is a video monitor which allows you to view the documents being shredded.

Do you recycle the paper you shred?

We recycle all the paper we shred. It is baled and sent to a paper mill for recycling. The shredded paper is bleached, pulped and made into tissues, cereal boxes, toilet paper and other consumable goods.

Do you offer shredding at your facility?

Yes, we offer both a commercial and residential drop-off shredding service at our secure facility. Call for details.

What are your shredding hours?

Our shredding hours are 8:30am-4pm Monday-Friday. Call to make an appointment.

Do I need to remove staples and paper clips?

No. Our shredder tears through staples, paper clips, rubber bands, envelopes, file folders, etc. We ask that electronic media be kept separate from the documents. We do not shred plastic or cardboard.

What do I do with my storage boxes once the shredding is completed?

Feel to free to keep your boxes and reuse them. If you’d like, we can break down and recycle your unwanted boxes for a nominal charge.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.